Does Shopify Work in Canada?

by Aaron Janes, Founder

Yes, it does work in Canada! Let's learn more about how it works, the subscription plans, and other relevant information to help you better understand. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Shopify is a user-friendly e-commerce platform that makes it easier for small businesses to build their online store and sell online through one seamless dashboard. Shopify store owners can create a fancy e-commerce store and sell it on social media sites, third-party marketplaces, and other websites/blogs through various means such as emails, texts, chats, etc. You can ideally sell in person with Shopify's built-in POS for store retail, pop-ups, market stands, and others.


What Is Shopify?

Technically, Shopify is a customer-oriented SaaS sales platform built as a subscription service. Through Shopify, one can find four standard store subscription plans with monthly fees of CAD 38. Every standard blueprint provides an independent online store that can be branded and a whole set of selling tools for in-person and online environments.


Shopify also offers a $7  "Lite" plan, which doesn't have an online store but supports POS and buying now button sales.


Every package includes an entire set of business management tools. Basic elements like product sourcing, sales and inventory tracking, payment processing, shipping, customer accounts, marketing, and reporting are contained in every Shopify plan. Moreover, you can add all of Shopify's functionality, including numerous Shopify apps, in just a few clicks. Get to know us better with this Shopify review.


How Does Shopify Work?

Shopify combines your product data, customers, and operations in one accounting system that syncs with your sales channels. It is crucial to have everything in place, and then Shopify makes it a breeze to explore and expand into new product lines and sales channels.


Below are the steps showing how Shopify works, from the initial setup to the sales management.


1. Register now for Your Free Shopify 14-day Trial

You get a free 14-day Shopify trial with no risk. Shopify doesn't even have your credit card information beforehand.


2. Link Your Sales Outlets

The account setup wizard links your first sales channels to the system, which you may change and enlarge whenever you wish.

You can connect your accounts to the setup wizard if you intend to sell through social media.


3. Upload Your Product Data or Scan Items to Sell

Fill in product details, pricing, and images for products you make or source yourself, or connect to the Shopify Handshake wholesale network and dropshiples to find items to sell.


Remember that many sellers combine crafts or products for dropshipping themselves with related products to provide a complete collection.


4. Setup Your Payments

With one click, you can activate the Shopify Payments option to start receiving payments immediately or connect your payment processor to the dashboard. Shopify cooperates with over a hundred external payment processors. Look into the top credit card processing companies if you need advice on which one to pick.



5. Implement Shipping and Taxes

In the Settings panel, you enter your shipping methods, fees, and sales tax information. Steps 1-5 are the core; you are now ready to start selling on different social media platforms and marketplaces using the Buy Button tool and POS card reader in person.



6. Creating Your Shopify Online Store

If you want to distribute your products through a branded website, your next step is to set up your online store on the Shopify platform. The platform has different plug-and-play themes that only need additional content and editing to make them unique. No worries if you find setting up your online store difficult. Ignite Web Design is here to make it easier for you. We can help you set up your store! We can build custom Shopify stores to meet your requirements. We work closely with you to design a unique, user-friendly online store.


7. Process, Ship and Track Orders

You will manage everything in your Shopify store control panel as the orders stream in. Shopify's already-built features make it seamless for you to implement workflows for managing products you ship and dropship. It even provides virtual items like e-books and music downloads. Shopify also automatically sends your customers emails about the status of orders and shipment tracking information.


As the last step of setting up your workflow and work environment, you'll be prepared to use Shopify's sales-driving features, such as email marketing, retargeting, and blogging.

Shopify Lite

Basic Shopify



Advanced Shopify

Shopify Plus


CAD 7 per month

CAD 38 per month

CAD 99 per month

CAD 389 per month

From $2,000 USD ($2,669.86 CAD) per month

Online Credit Card Rates

5.0% + CAD 0.30

2.9% + CAD 0.30

2.7% + CAD 0.30

2.4% + CAD 0.30


Online International & AMEX Credit Card Rates

3.5% + CAD 0.30

3.5% + CAD 0.30

3.4% + CAD 0.30

3.3% + CAD 0.30


In-person Credit Card Rates






Transaction Fee if Not Using Shopify Payments






Shipping Discount

Up to 58%


Up to 58%


Up to 60%Up to 64%Negotiated

POS Lite Mobile App






POS Pro for Retail Stores

CAD 119 per month, per location

CAD 119 per month, per location

CAD 119 per month, per location

CAD 119 per month, per location


Basic, Shopify, and Advanced Plans (CAD 38, CAD 99, and CAD 389 per month): Shopify's online store plans cover omnichannel sell-anywhere features and full suites of order, customer, and business management basics. With higher-tier plans, you will enjoy lower payment processing fees, higher shipping discounts, and access to advanced marketing, management, and reporting tools.


Shopify Lite (CAD 7 per month): This basic-feature Shopify plan entails in-person POS sales and an online Buy Button for non-Shopify websites, blogs, and emails. However, the lite plan doesn't have the online store, social media, and seller marketplace channels of others.


Shopify Plus (from $2,669. 86 CAD per month): This tier offers enterprise-level features to high-volume, multilocation, and multimillion-dollar sellers. Pricing, terms, and features are determined based on sales volume and business needs. 


Shopify Payment Processing and Transaction Charges

Integrating your payment processor with Shopify or using the pre-built Shopify Payments feature is possible. If you use your own processing company, Shopify adds a rate of 0. 5% to 2% of each sale's total charge to each online transaction. This payment processing fee is not applicable when you use Shopify Payments.


Shopify Payments offers fixed-rate fee processing, with a payment rate determined based on your subscription plan, according to the above table. It also accepts in-person sales via Shopify's mobile POS app and retail store POS system.


Shopify Shipping Costs

Shopify offers built-in shipping label printing on any chosen plan. You will benefit from Canada Post's competitive discounted rates and UPS's. You will achieve higher discounts when you opt for a higher plan.


Shipping charges are charged automatically for each order you fulfill and each shipping label you print. They will be charged to the card after the average shipping volume reaches certain threshold levels. However, if you only ship a few orders each month and include shipping charges in your monthly bill, they will be added to your Shopify bill.


So now you have information about Shopify in Canada regarding subscription plans, shipping charges, and everything in between. You should design an excellent-looking Shopify website to help you close as many sales as possible. If your website looks attractive at first sight, it will attract more customers and eventually convert them into potential sales.


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