Case Study - Bringing Unique Art to Life Online: The Brett Chell Case Study

Discover how Ignite Web Design transformed Brett Chell's vision into a high-performance Shopify store. By using the latest technology for optimal performance and SEO, we created a unique online platform for his art. Despite tight deadlines and limited client availability, we launched the site on time and on budget. With integrated Google Analytics and ongoing marketing efforts, Brett's store is already seeing measurable organic traffic. Partner with Ignite Web Design to elevate your online presence and achieve outstanding results

Brett Chell
Website Design, Website Development, Shopify, SEO


Meet Brett Chell, a former CEO of an oil and gas company turned artist. Seeking to showcase his unique art, Brett partnered with Ignite Web Design to create a standout Shopify store that reflects his creative vision.

Custom Design for a Unique Brand

Building a High-Performance, SEO-Optimized Shopify Store

Brett wanted his online store to be as distinctive as his art. We crafted a custom Shopify store, using the latest technology to ensure top performance and SEO optimization. This approach ensures Brett's store stands out in the crowded online art market.

Meeting Tight Deadlines with Precision

Efficient Project Management for a Time-Constrained Client

With a tight deadline for the product launch, we worked efficiently to gather all necessary assets and information. Despite Brett's limited availability, we streamlined the design process, capturing his ideas quickly and effectively to bring his vision to life.

Tracking Success with Advanced Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics for Marketing Insights

To support Brett's marketing efforts, we integrated Google Analytics into the store. This allows us to track all marketing activities and fine-tune the marketing funnel, ensuring the store's ongoing success.

Successful Launch and Growing Traffic

On-Time Delivery and Positive Client Feedback

The website was launched on time and within budget, already showing measurable organic SEO traffic. With the start of Instagram and Google ads, we're driving even more customers to Brett's store. Brett's satisfaction is reflected in his 5-star Google review.

Elevate Your Online Presence

Partner with Ignite Web Design for Exceptional Results

Looking to create a unique online store or enhance your digital presence? Ignite Web Design can bring your vision to life, ensuring you stand out and succeed in the competitive online marketplace.

What we did

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Working with Aaron was incredibly easy and to the point. Nailed timelines and did it all with making it feel like I was talking to a huge corp. Very personal, feels like a small town handshake deal built on trust when you deal with him. I love that in today’s day and age

Brett Chell

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